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Home visits & Arctic cabin accommodation


Hello my friends! My name is Minna-Carita and I am a Finn (kven) from the North, born and raised in Ivalo. We live our life with our family nearby Ivalo village very close to the nature.

In our life we have the luxury to enjoy the northern nature and its great things, pure clean air, fresh and healthy food directly from the forest (berries, mushrooms, wild herbs, fish and game). We love our life here in the north and want to share it with you.

Yurt Atelier visits

I have a small atelier at my home yard in a yurt made in Finland. There you have a possibility to see my paintings and also try painting yourselves! I organize different kinds of artist workshops where you have a possibility to come and paint with me.

Kitchen ware (trays, chopping boards)

My passion are the lights and colours of the northern skies and I like to paint these landscapes and colours here from the north. I find our nature very inspiring. I offer now my paintings printed on the wooden trays and chopping boards, and also Art post cards as well. All kitchen ware is printed on the Finnish birch tree in Finland.

Arctic cabin accommodation – coming soon

We offer accommodation in the wooden arctic cabin just next to our house. The house is provided with stove so you can enjoy real arctic experience by heating the cabin by wood. We will of course help you with this and you will always arrive in the warm cottage.

When having accommodation with us, we will always provide you with dinner delivered to you in to the cabin or you have possibility to enjoy dinner with our lively family, our children are 3 and 6 years old and definitely keep up movement for us parents.

Accommodation includes a breakfast basket delivered to the cabin in the morning.

More information coming about accommodation, when we start to offer this service during the winter 23-24. More information coming soon! (last updated 1.12.2023)

Website under renovation process

My website is under maintainace so my Finnish speaking webshop works as a show window at the moment. You can order kitchen ware, trays and chopping boards from me by messaging me by phone or in social media @minnacaritas Some of my kitchen ware is also available in Siida, in Inari.

Thank you for your patience. <3